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FAQ and Did You Know

Did You Know?



Notary Services

  • There is no fee for notary services
  • There is always someone to notarize your documents because every staff member in the Clerk’s Office is a Notary Public.

Trash Collection/Recycling

Information on your Federal, State and Local Officials


  • We accept passport applications Monday-Friday from 9:00am - Noon
  • For fees and what you need to bring, visit Travel.State.Gov
  • We take passport photos for a fee of $10

If your Homeowner’s Association has provided contact information to the City, you may find it here.

Dog licenses are processed through the Treasurer’s Office.

printer-friendly Clerk’s Office Fee Schedule


Did you know?

Since 2007, we have utilized electronic packets (e-packets) to disseminate packet material for the City Council agenda.

The Clerk’s Office utilizes electronic poll books (e-poll books), paid for with Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funds. The e-poll book is an electronic version of the paper poll book and voter registration list formerly used in the precincts. Utilization of e-poll books has streamlined the election process for voters and precinct workers, and expedited the updating of voter history by City staff after elections.

On average, the Clerk’s Office trains over 200 election inspectors throughout the 21 precincts and Absentee Counting Boards.

In 2010, we acquired additional voter equipment at no cost to the City valued at $10,200 by partnering with another community as they downsized precincts.

The Clerk’s Office staff consists of the City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, Administrative Assistant to the Clerk and two clerical employees.