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Land Division

All applications for land division in the City of Novi must be in compliance with Section 32 of the City of Novi Code of Ordinances and with the Land Division Act, P.A. 288 of 1967 as amended by P.A. 591 of 1996 and P.A. 87 of 1997.


Items 1. or 2. through 8. of this Application for Land Division shall be completed and this application shall be notarized on page two.  The application, as submitted, shall comply with items A. through C. on page three of this application.

This application shall be submitted to the city assessor accompanied by a processing fee that is determined by the city council.  The city assessor will approve or deny the application within forty-five (45) days.  Notice of the decision will be mailed to the applicant.

If the application is approved, the city assessor shall process the division through Oakland County Property Description.  Oakland County Property Description will create tax descriptions and parcel numbers for the new parcels.  The descriptions and numbers will be in effect for the next tax billing period.  A proration of the current assessed and taxable values will be in place for the remainder of the assessment year.

If the application is denied, the date of denial will be noted on page four of the application.  The city assessor will promptly return the application to the applicant along with a letter stating all reasons for denial.  An aggrieved applicant may appeal the assessor's determination by appearing before the city council.  This appeal is initiated by contacting the city clerk within twenty (20) days of the assessor's denial and requesting placement on the next available agenda.  THIS LAND DIVISION APPLICATION ALSO SERVES AS THE APPEAL FORM.   This application, along with items A. through C. on page three of this application are filed with the city clerk.  The application is reviewed by all of the departments on the routing schedule for concerns and comments.  The application is then presented to city council for review and consideration.

The city council shall grant or deny the appeal within thirty (30) days of the appearance before city council.  City council approval of the variance shall be indicated on this application, which the city clerk shall promptly file with the Oakland County Register of Deeds.

Note: Michigan State Tax Commission forms L-4260 and L-4260a are available at the City of Novi Assessing Department.  Michigan Department of Treasury forms 2368 (Homestead Exemption Affidavit, formerly Form T-1056 ), 2602 (Request to Rescind/Withdraw Homestead Exemption, formerly Form T-1067) and T-1063 (Farmland Exemption) are also available at the City of Novi Assessing Department.  In addition, some of these forms can be printed from the Resources section of our website.  Click here to go to the Forms and Permits page.