Why it Matters: It can be argued there is a correlation between population loss and fiscal problems. Population loss is can result in a general weakening of a locality's economy and could be caused by a loss of a major employer, demographic shift or other factors. Local governments are often unable to reduce expenditures to match a growth decline or loss of revenue due to departing taxpayers. This first indicator measures population change. If a unit lost population from the previous year it scores a 1, otherwise it is assigned a 0. The estimates provided are from the U.S. Census Bureau. Note that the values for Years 2000 and 2010 are not estimates but actual taken from the Census Dept.

Data Source: The historical data presented has been loaded from information provided by the State Department of Treasury. Current and future year data has been entered by the municipality itself based on current budget and forecast information, or by Munetrix from available audited or budget information found in the public domain.