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Capital Improvement Program

Welcome to the electronic version of Novi’s Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program has been reinvented into a digital resource tool for our stakeholders to utilize to gain knowledge about CIP projects over the next six years.  This electronic platform is user friendly and has and will continue to save hundreds of labor hours and reams of paper that previously was needed in order to prepare a hard copy version of the program.

Projects can be viewed in total or filtered by fiscal year and/or by budget category. This can be accomplished by selecting the year and/or category in the designated areas of the platform (see below).  The total number of CIP projects, the total amount budgeted for CIP projects, the total outside funding, and the map will always appear at the top of the page.

CIP Dashboard

The eleven budget categories have not changed from prior CIP documents and include: Roads; Intersections & Signals; Sidewalks & Pathways; Storm Sewer & Drainage; Sanitary Sewer; Water Distribution; Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services; Parking Lots; Buildings & Property; Machinery & Equipment; and Technology.

Each budget category has been assigned a unique logo that varies in color, depending on the fiscal year, and has been included alongside each project name in order to help depict which category and fiscal year a particular project is budgeted.   Please see the key and examples below:

Fiscal Year Color
 2016  Red
 2017  Orange
 2018  Yellow
 2019  Green
 2020  Blue
 2021  Purple


Buildings & PropertyBuildings & Property

Machinery & EquipmentMachinery & Equipment

Intersections & SignalsIntersections & Signals

Parking LotsParking Lots

Parks, Rec, & Cultural ServicesParks, Recreation & Cultural Services


A Project Summary includes: the budget category logo, the project name, the project description, the project budget, the outside funding (if any), the project id, the funding source, a map, and support documentation (if any).  The blue portion of the print screen below is an example of a Project Summary.

CIP Dashboard

Some projects will have files containing supportive/background material to provide further clarification on the justification for the project and its estimated price.  These files can be found under the File Download section of the Program Summary.  When you select the file, a new internet tab will bring up the document.  In order to get back to the project summary, just close the new tab or select the City of Novi CIP tab.

CIP File Download

The map at the center of the homepage is also interactive. The map changes depending on which fiscal year and budget category you have selected. By simply placing your cursor over a specific blue shape file which represents a project, a small box will appear with the title of the project. Simply click on the project name and the project will pull up in the listing beneath the map. 

CIP Dashboard

Similar to previous years, we are providing a separate six-year CIP schedule in pdf form that summarizes all the projects. This summary is shown below and includes the project id, the project name, the funding source, the project budget, the outside funding, and the city budget. 

CIP Fund Totals
Summary of CIP Category Report Spreadsheet